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Everything You Need to Know About Skincare for Your Neck

Jan 15, 2019 · By Melanie Rud Chadwick · #beauty-tips #moisturizer #neck-mask
Everything You Need to Know About Skincare for Your Neck

"Treat the skin below your chin with these helpful tips and product picks."

When it comes to the skin care industry, there are—obviously—plenty of products for your face. And there are plenty of products for your body. But somehow, it seems like that stretch of skin below your chin—your neck—often gets lost in the shuffle. But it shouldn’t: It’s just as susceptible to aging as anywhere else on your face or body and deserves just as much attention. “There aren’t that many major physiological differences between the skin on your face and the skin on your neck,” says Jeff Rosevear, founding scientist and Head of Product Development for Skinsei. There are fewer pores and less sebum, he adds, which is why you’re probably not breaking out on your neck.  Still, for skin care and product purposes, you really should consider your neck—and your décolletage too, for that matter—as an extension of the skin on your face. That’s truly the biggest issue people run into: “A lot of the times the neck gets left out and forgotten. Sure, you might swipe some product that’s left over from your face onto your neck, but if often doesn’t get the full attention it deserves,” notes Rosevear. But trust us: You do want to pay attention to it and make neck skin care a thing.

Just like it looks bizarre when you dust on way too much bronzer or makeup on your face and forget your neck, the same goes for your skin care regimen. You most definitely don’t want your face to look like you’re one age, and your neck wrinkles to make it look like you’re much older. application illuminating balmProduct-wise, go ahead and abide by the same regimen you follow for your complexion. That means first and foremost, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. We can’t stress this enough. Since sun is one of the primary factors that causes signs of aging—sagging, spots, wrinkles, you name it—it’s just as important to protect your neck from damaging UV rays as it is to shield your complexion. (Unless you’re wearing a turtleneck every day, but something tells us you’re probably not). Seriously, SPF can go a long way to help preventing neck wrinkles and having a beautiful neck.

One helpful guideline when considering how much sunscreen you need is to apply a nickel-sized amount across your face, and then another nickel-size amount for just your neck (and that means covering the front and back of your neck, don’t forget). Whatever you do, don’t just wipe off whatever residue is on your fingers from your face onto your neck. Next up? Serum. 

Serums are loaded with ingredients good for your complexion, and they can work the same magic on your neck, too. Same goes with moisturizers; because there are fewer sebum glands on your neck, it can often feel dryer than your face, so you’ll want to add back some of that much needed hydration to get rid of the dry skin on your neck. There are neck-specific products out there, so if you want to pick up a separate cream, go ahead and knock yourself out. But you can also simply go ahead and use the same products you’re using on your face all over your neck. The key is to treat it as its own entity and give it the right amount of products it needs, rather than just looking at it as a place to wipe off any excess after you’ve treated your complexion.

So now we’ve established that sunscreen, serum, and a moisturizer are your daily neck must-haves, but, again, just as for your face, you can also add in some extra treatment products weekly. Masks are one great option. Formulas that come in jars or tubes can just as easily be slathered down onto your neck. Or, if you want to take it the extra mile, you can also go for a separate neck treatment mask, especially if you’re starting to see signs of aging, think crepiness or neck wrinkles. The Skinsei Neck Vitamin Dry Sheet Mask helps address both of those issues, delivering multiple different benefits. Not only does it help promote the look of firmer and healthier skin on the neck, it also addresses the lines and saggy skin (and, let’s be real, nobody wants those).

neck vitamin 642 sachet BEAUTY

While the idea of a mask on your neck may seem a little foreign and strange, trust us, this dry formula couldn’t be easier to use. First, wash your neck; you can go ahead and use the same cleanser you do on your face. Next, unfold the mask and place it so the colored, active side is against your neck. Once it’s positioned, massage it gently to help activate the ingredients so they can go to town doing their thing˳ Leave it on for 15 minutes then remove. What’s nice about this unique option is that it also comes with—very convenient—hooks that slide over your ears, helping to keep it in place. So while sure, we’re all about Netflix and masking, if you need to do other things while you treat your neck, you can absolutely mask and multi-task at the same time without having to worry about it slipping off. (Oh, and did we mention that because it’s a dry mask, you also don’t have to worry about it getting too goopy or messy?) The other nice thing about this particular neck mask is that it can be reused up to three times, as part of a weekly add-on to your skin care routine.

neck vitamin

The Skinsei Neck Vitamin Dry Mask can be part of your 5-step skin care regimen. Check our holistic diagnostic tool and discover how you can introduce this product to your routineËł

Jan 15, 2019 · By Melanie Rud Chadwick · #beauty-tips #moisturizer #neck-mask

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