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How to Fight Acne With the Right Skin Care Routine

Jan 15, 2019 · By Melanie Rud Chadwick ·
How to Fight Acne With the Right Skin Care Routine

"Have acne-prone skin? A clear complexion can be yours, thanks to these helpful tips."

They say nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes…we think they should add breakouts to that list, too. Whether you’re dealing with chronic acne, the occasional pimple that pops-up out of nowhere (always at the least opportune time, of course), or some other type of blemishes, we all break out at some point or another. If it’s just the occasional pimple or two you’re dealing with, you can likely get away with simply treating them as they occur. On the flip side, however, if you’re dealing with more stubborn acne, tweaking your skin care routine is essential. Ahead, a simple three step acne-prone skin routine.

Cleanse correctly.

“In acne-prone skin, the pores are bigger and can easily become clogged,” explains Jeff Rosevear, Head of Product Development for Skinsei. “The wrong things get into the wrong places and get trapped. That’s when you see a whitehead or a red blemish—it’s your body trying to get that ‘stuff’ out and alerting you that something is wrong”. That means removing all of that potentially pore-clogging residue is of outmost importance, and, the best way to do so, is by cleansing the right way. (Hey, washing your face may seem simple enough, but don’t underestimate the effect it can have). For acne-prone skin, a cleanser like Skinsei Clear Victory is gold; it helps the skin stay balanced to reduce the chance of future flare-ups, effectively removes dirt, oil, and makeup, yet is still moisturizing enough that it won’t strip skin. More on why that’s important in a minute…

If you have acne-prone skin, however, cleansing alone won’t cut it. This is a time when it’s a good idea to follow your cleanser with a toner. Think of the wash step as removing all the big stuff: dirt particles, makeup, sunscreen. Using a toner afterwards is a great way to remove all of the little stuff and residue that’s leftover—because that’s exactly what can get lodged in pores, no matter how well you washed your face. Whereas toners used to be (key words being ‘used to be’) harsh and super drying, the latest formulations are more balanced and gentler than ever, making them a good option for all skin types. Take the Skinsei All Toned Up Toner: The pH balanced, alcohol-free, non-drying formula removes any traces of gunk or grime left on your skin, while visibly tightening pores to leave your complexion cleaned and refreshed, never overly dry or stripped.

Slather on a serum

Serums are easily the powerhouse of any skin care regimen; the lightweight formulas are packed with high concentrations of ingredients. And while many people think of them purely for premature aging prevention or hydration benefits, the right kind can work wonders in a regimen for acne-prone skin. Skinsei In the Zone Clarifying Serums revitalize and target unwanted oil and sebum that are commonly associated with flareups. FYI, always apply serum—no matter what kind it is—pre-moisturizer. You want the lighter product to go on first, so that it can better penetrate the skin and work more effectively, without any other product blocking it.

Make sure to moisturize.

While it can admittedly often feel counterintuitive to moisturize when your face feels greasy or is broken-out, hydration is essential in a skin care routine for acne. While you want to remove excess oil and all of those other pore-clogging bad guys, you don’t want to remove too much of your skin’s natural oil…stripping it completely can, ironically, trigger the production of more oil, leading to a vicious hamster wheel cycle that’s very challenging to break˳ It’s all about picking the right formula. Look for lighter moisturizers, like gels, which will give your skin the hydration it needs but still absorb quickly without feeling greasy. Rosevear is a fan of all the Skinsei Cool on Cue Hydro Gel formulas for acne-prone skin. Like all of the Skinsei products, Cool on Cue also promotes optimal microbiome balance with a formula that respects the needs of acne-prone skin, a key factor when you’re talking about acne-prone skin.
At the end of the day, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just the products you’re using—or not using, for that matter—that are part of your acne prevention plan. As with other skin issues, a multitude of lifestyle factors play a role. Diet is a big one; dairy and refined sugar are among a few of the things that can exacerbate breakouts for many people. Stress is another huge issue, triggering a cascade of cortisol, a hormone that can not only induce inflammation, but also stimulate sebum production (this is why pimples often pop up before stressful events, like a job interview or first date). Luckily, Skinsei holistic diagnostic tool takes into account all of these things and recommends the exact right product regimen for your acne-prone skin. See it for yourself.
Jan 15, 2019 · By Melanie Rud Chadwick ·

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