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Why We Created Skinsei - a note from our founder

Jan 22, 2019 · By Valentina Ciobanu · #skin-care #skinsei
Why We Created Skinsei - a note from our founder

"We understand that everyone’s skin is unique and needs bespoke care. Our dream is to connect skincare and wellbeing, without ignoring the impact nutrition, sleep, exercise and environment have on skin."

Does your skin feel different after a holiday? Can you tell when something you’ve eaten seems to have a quick and visible impact on your skin? (chocolate or dairy, anyone?) Can your friends tell how well you’re sleeping, or how stressed you are, just from your complexion? Did you ever buy a skincare product a friend recommended, only to discover it’s not quite right for you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, welcome to the club!

All my friends tell me I’m obsessed with skincare and wellbeing. So, guess what, I came up with an idea to connect the two. Skinsei was born because I felt many skincare brands took a too narrow view with products tailored to our age and skin type - but ignoring things like our individual wellness, lifestyle and environment.

life product 

When I cut sugar, go to my favourite Saturday class at the gym and stay out of the sun, I feel well and my skin shows. But after a long night out, jetlag or even too much apple pie… and my face, my posture, my energy levels change and they tell a different story.

Skin, the largest organ in our bodies, does not exist in isolation. I noticed this throughout the years, every time I spoke about beauty products with my best friend - we’re the same age and both have combination skin. We agree a bit of exercise is what keeps us sane. But we live in different cities; I’m addicted to coffee, I eat a lot of fruits and travel a lot; she loves cheese, doesn’t sleep enough and wears more make-up. So saying we both have combination skin is useful but insufficient. If we live in different cities and have different lifestyles, then why is skincare ignoring how we eat, sleep, live? Too often I’d try beauty products she’d recommend, or best sellers with great reviews, but they wouldn’t work for me. So I wanted to connect skincare to wellbeing and create a brand that recognises there’s no skin like mine, no skin like yours.

Let me tell you about three things that were really important to us when we developed Skinsei...

First, it had to be truly personalized. Jeff, who’s been in charge of our products from day one, has gone through thousands of formulations and ingredients to make sure we select and create exactly what’s needed not just for various skin types, concerns and ages; but also to respond to how nutrition, exercise, sleep, and the environment influence skin health. We’ve got help and support from dozens of scientists, and now have thousands of combinations of ingredients available in our Skinsei products. Beyond formulation, we use technology to also tell you why we’re recommending your regimen.  So you take control of your skin, and know exactly why a product is right for you.

life bespoke product

Secondly, we wanted products that really deliver, we have some serious actives in there, but without upsetting skin’s own rhythm and biology. I’ve been fascinated by the emerging science around gut health, and I’m convinced that over time microbiome will be increasingly seen as a key factor when designing skincare as well. So Skinsei serums, moisturisers, cleansers are all vegan, pH balanced, mild, microbiome friendly, and contain prebiotics and plant extracts.

Thirdly, we worked hard to offer great value, and show people that represent our community. We’ve decided early on that the full holistic diagnostic would be free, and we’ve put a lot of effort in designing our products for a price that offers you great value. Because we should all have access to skincare that matches our skin, our life, don’t you think? Out of the dozens of people you see on our website and in our ads, most are not actors or models. They are either street casted, or the influencers we work with, all in their own clothing, with their own jewellery, hair style and with very little make up. And their skin has not been retouched, we think it’s beautiful as it is.

I hope you have fun doing your diagnostic and learning more about your skin – what impacts it, what it needs, how to look after it. And if you have any suggestions or questions, I’d love to hear from you! Just email me at valentina@skinsei.com.

Thank you for your support,


Jan 22, 2019 · By Valentina Ciobanu · #skin-care #skinsei

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