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David Y.

31 years • Colorado
David Y.; 31 years; Colorado
"My skin is early rises and caffeinated afternoons."
David loves early mornings as much as he loves oat milk lattes. His busy work and travel schedule can mess with his skin's balance. His skin goals include a clear and more even complexion. His personalized 5-step skincare regimen was built based on his lifestyle, environmental factors and skincare preferences.
David's Results
Diagnostic Image
Focus Areas
Acne-prone Skin
UV Exposure
Active Lifestyle

David's Skinsei regimen


Why we picked this for David

Ideal for acne-prone skin, this gentle face wash helps skin stay balanced to reduce the chances of future flare-ups. Sulfate-free and pH balanced.

Why we picked this for David

A soothing serum that reduces skin's reaction to external aggressors, quietening redness and keeping irritation at bay. pH balanced, microbiome friendly.

Why we picked this for David

A lightweight moisturizing lotion that instantly hydrates and increases skin vitality and resilience . pH balanced, oil free. SPF 30.

Why we picked this for David

A smooth balm that gives a healthy glow to awaken and energize any complexion. Subtle illuminating effect. Light hydration, pH balanced.

Why we picked this for David

Rough scrubs and tough love won’t do much for blemish-prone skin. This nourishing body wash uses a microbiome-friendly formula to remove pore-cloggers and reboot moisture, leaving skin soft and clean.

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