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Jonina T.

23 years • New York
Skincare Advice: Oily Skin
"My skin is run, cheese, sleep, repeat."
Jonina's Results
Diagnostic Image
Focus Areas
Dry Skin
UV Exposure
High Pollution

Jonina's Skinsei regimen


Why we picked this for Jonina

This soothing cleansing milk rebalances and nourishes the skin for a very soft afterfeel. Sulfate-free and pH balanced.

Why we picked this for Jonina

A soothing serum that reduces skin's reaction to external aggressors, quietening redness and keeping irritation at bay. pH balanced, microbiome friendly.

Why we picked this for Jonina

A boost of soothing hydration to maintain skin's optimal moisture level throughout the day. pH balanced.

Why we picked this for Jonina

A rich moisturizing cream that instantly relieves dryness and gives skin a boost of radiance. pH balanced.

Why we picked this for Jonina

A revolutionary dry textile mask that delivers extra moisture to your skin without the slimey mess of the old-school sheet masks.

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