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Healthy Skin
Sensitive Skin
Acne-prone Skin
Oily Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin
Uneven Skin
Aging Skin
Low Temperatures
Hot and Humid
High Temperatures
Hot and Dry
High Pollution
Smoking Damage
Secondhand Smoke Damage
Poor Sleep
High Stress
Blue Light Exposure
Active Lifestyle
Unbalanced Diet
Low Hydration
Poor Hydration
High UV Exposure

See what your skin says

Answer a few questions about your skin type, lifestyle, and environment.

Get tailored advice and a personalized skin care kit. Ready, set, go.

How Skinsei works

Answer a holistic diagnostic

Review your results

Get your personalized regimen

Answer a holistic diagnostic

Tell us about your skin, lifestyle and environment. We use these tiny details to build the big picture of you.

Review your results

See what's affecting your skin and where you need support. We'll show where Skinsei can help.

Receive personalized regimen

Get a kit with personalized products selected for your focus areas. Every month we update them to match your needs.

Personalized Skincare

Explore our range in all its glory. Cleansers, serums, masks, oh my.

Discover Skincare

Skinsei in Action

From climate to lifestyle, skin type to skin health, all skin is different. And all skin needs bespoke care. There's no skin like yours.

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Our Philosophy

One size fits all rarely fits anyone. Our products are designed to address all the things that affect your skin with a smart mix of microbiome science, big data, and personalized care.

Microbiome friendly and pH balanced

Vitamins and Plant Extracts

Nourishing Prebiotics

1000s of Combinations

Your diagnostic helps us identify 1 out of 1000s possible combinations that work for your skin. It's next-level personalization.

Not nasty stuff

Skincare should help, not harm. So we leave out all the usual suspects that can potentially wreck your skin.

No parabens
No phalates
No mineral oils

Frequently asked questions

Top 5 things people want to know

Are Skinsei products vegan?
With the exception of our Dry Sheet Masks, all other products in our portfolio are vegan and have been certified by Vegan Action. We are currently working to make 100% of our products vegan. While going through your holistic diagnostic you will have the chance to tell us if you are vegan and if you do so, we will only recommend products that are vegan and match your lifestyle.
Where do you ship to?
We ship to all 50 states within the United States, including PO boxes. At this time we do not ship to US territories, military bases, or other countries.
How does the subscription work?
After going through our holistic diagnostic you can choose to receive your personalized skincare regimen one single time or subscribe to a monthly delivery service. If you choose to subscribe, a new box will be sent to you every month on the same day you have completed your diagnostic.
What if I change my address?
You can always update your profile, including delivery address. Just log in, go to "My Account" and click on "Account Details". You should then see a link to view and update your address. And of course, if you prefer just contact us via phone or email and we can help updating your details at any time.
Can I swap products?
Yes, you can. Our holistic diagnostic is powered by a complex algorithm that reads your results and recommends the best formulas to deliver exceptional results according to your lifestyle and skin goals. If you still feel like trying something new, you can do that by checking the alternative products (also recommended based on your diagnostic results) and pick something different. The alternative products will be listed on your detailed regimen page.
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About Us

We combined our passion for beauty with cutting edge science to create the next generation of skincare.

Skinsei was born from our belief that each skin is unique and needs bespoke care.

Skinsei Founder: Valentina Ciobanu






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Get tailored advice and a personalized skin care kit. Ready, set, go.